Stacked Journalng on a Mission Trip

Messy handwriting looks FAB with stacked journaling.
The art technique called "stacked journaling" is an excellent tool for journaling on a mission trip. The technique is writing on top of writing with the point to dump out feelings and emotions and experiences that you don't necessarily need (or want) to re-read later. The tools required can be very simple (i.e., watercolors and pencils or markers) or every elaborate (i.e., incorporating virtually any and all media). We used stacked journaling as a team debrief after a particularly hectic day in the mission field. There is no need for "show and tell" as the art is meant to be self-expression of the moment, day, event, or place.
Layers and layers of neat and tidy writing also works well.

No rules with stacked journaling...just write on top of writing on top of writing.
Team art journaling after a day in the mission field.