Art of Tears inside a Detention Center for Immigrants Seeking Asylum

The prayer began by drawing around one hand, palm up symbolizing prayer.

The art images here express the tears and prayers of immigrant women seeking asylum in the USA from the violence in their Central American homelands. There are 500 women and children incarcerated about 90 minutes from where I am a pastor, and it is my privilege to do art as a ministry of presence with them as they await the painstaking process of seeking asylum. The examples here are from a guided prayer mixed media meditation. These images were created two days following the attempted suicide of a young woman who had just been denied asylum and was about to be deported. She and her 4-year-old son have experienced horrific violence there...and they have nothing to go "home" to. The guided meditation was intended to help the women express their fears and also to cling to hope and the love of God for them and for their children.

The supplies I brought for the women to use in creating their prayer reflection. The "Jane Girl" stencils were very popular.