"Please Help My Country"

Imagine if you could write an important person on the international scene as ask for help with your country. Who would you write? What would you say?
Here is a multi-layer art reflection to guide one through the thought process from letter writing about the problems of one's homeland and that then moves to celebrating the strengths. It mixes diverse art media. The goal isn't a pretty piece of art journaling. Rather, the goal is thoughtful reflection through mixed media. The original context was intended for immigrants seeking asylum, but the concept holds true for anyone who wants to reflect critically and analytically through art on the challenges of one's country. 
Use carbon paper and trace over a printout of your home country. Write a letter and then top with key words which define what is good about your country. 
Use stencils and stamps to symbolize your dreams & desires. Here the butterfly symbolizes freedom and also being a new creation.