Practice Makes Perfect

A great way to learn a new art skill is to to follow the examples of those who have gone before you. It is not "copying" for the sake of not having an original thought of one's own; rather using their examples to help the new art skill set become one's own. This learning process is normative for children learning to tie their shoes, write their letters, and read "Run Spot run!" The same concept holds throughout life as we learn new life, vocational, and education skills. One of my artist friends regularly challenges herself to "copy" with colored pencils or charcoals a photograph that she sees in a magazine. She does it simply to keep her art skills sharp! In the example here I am following the lead of Kass Hall in her book "the Zentangle untangled workbook" for a design she calls "Stixnstonez Color." In addition to providing relaxing doodling in the quiet of the evening, it also is a tangible way to experience a new (for me) art style. From the somewhat brainless doodling I will ultimately absorb this art style into the myriad mixed media collection in my artistic tool bag such that I expect Zentangling to sneak into my mixed media art journaling as it bubbles forth.

Micron pens for the Zentangle with the broad color filled in later with watercolors and a brush.