Gelli Art Printing for Ministry and Mission

We took the Gelli Art gel printing plate on the road to a local shelter for teens-at-risk where we created miniature masterpieces. It was a bit chaotic with 15 teens; three plates, limited table space, and two adults supervising, but SUPER FUN and MUCH JOY!
 First: the participants used tempura paint and big foam stamps to put symbols on a piece of watercolor paper card stock that could later be folded and used as a notecard. Then they used liquid acrylic on the gel plate to create a mono print on top of the stamped image. Some opted to use the excess paint to press a "ghost" image on a second piece of paper. The project also was an opportunity to write cards for homebound/older adults. Some of the kids wrote simple notes on one side of the card and then did a mono print on the "front" of the paper. It was an easy and fun way to get the kids involved in pastoral care at a baseline level.
The green is a stamped image of an elephant with the mono print on top.

Tempura paint on the card was step #1; then the mono print.

Simple card on the inside with a Gelli Art mono print on the other side.

The process is so takes explaining because it just doesn't seem like it should be so easy!

One of our teens helps an international student who joined the art project afternoon.