Making Backgrounds with Gelli Arts Gel Printing Plate

This is a new, trendy, and fun way to make backgrounds for journals by doing "mono prints" on the Gelli Arts gel printing plate (I bought mine online through Blick art materials; the 6"x6" cost $17.99 and the 8"x10" cost $26.99 plus S&H). Scroll down to see the variety of backgrounds from this innovative tool.
Use 2-3 colors of acrylic paint; spread with brayer (roller); press with stamp/stencil.

Gently smooth paper over prepared plate.

The R side is 1st run; L side is "ghost" 2nd press.

Roll the brayer (roller) on a journal page to clean roller; use up excess paint.

All sorts of things work to imprint an image on the gel plate.

Press gently to create an impression.

Liquid acrylic works better than tube (here) which is dries quickly & also makes a darker print.

The L side is the 1st press; the R the 2nd or "ghost" press.

L side is first press; R is "ghost" or 2nd press on the same gel without adding additional paint.

This imprint is made from a septic cover/part available from Home Depot. [Basic plumbing materials make art!!]

Another septic part is the imprint + a screen for latex paint.

Imprint from a drawing aid to make circles.

The Gelli plate product.

Two colors of liquid acrylic blended on the gel plate.

Two colors of liquid acrylic; L side is 1st press & R side is 2nd or "ghost" press.

2nd press or "ghost" with the leftover acrylic.

First press with the original fully loaded printing plate. 4-5 shades of blue acrylic blended.

Tube acrylic (thicker; dries MUCH faster) with embossing tool imprint (butterfly) and Catalyst paint spreader tool (top).

Closeup of the butterfly embossing tool imprint.

Closeup of the Catalyst rubber "painting" tool which is really a scraper.

Mesh imprint from rug-making/punch form.

A collection of the stencil and imprinting tools used in the samples shown. 

ABC stencil used for the impression.