Watercolor Flowers Doodle Art Notecard

For a brainless exercise that is mildly functional, I created a watercolor doodle art of flowers on card stock so that the end artwork can be folded and mailed as a notecard. 
Practice version in my art journal.
 I did a practice version in my art journal and then repeated the same concept on a notecard with one "bouquet" on 1/2 and another "bouquet" on the other half of the card.
First, use a round brush to swish circles of color across the page. I chose shades of yellow and orange for the practice version and half of the notecard; and purple and blue for the second half of the card. Use a smaller round brush to paint stems and leaves. Then use either a fine tip marker pen (my practice version) or colored art pencils to draw in outlines on the flowers, stems, and leaves.
The first half of the notecard

Make exaggerated outlines with colored pencils.

Embellish the stems and leaves with outlining.

The second half of the notecard.

A pretty practice piece to write a note inside and mail.