Gelli Art mono prints for background prep

Basic texture; press screen onto acrylic on gel plate.
Starting a new journal is the perfect opportunity (excuse) to fiddle around with Gelli Arts gel mono printing for background prep. The mono printing gel plate works great for pressing individual sheets of art paper, but I'm really wanting it to work likewise by printing directly onto a page in an altered book journal. So I experimented with how direct printing onto the altered book page might become possible.

The gel plate is face down on the altered book page. It "smushes" the texture.

Peel back plate, re-position and press again.

Gelli Art with liquid acrylic ready to spread with a roller.

Place stencil onto Gelli Art and gently roll over to "press" impression.

To reduce weight and lesson "smushed" impression a single page is pressed onto plate.

Pull the print back; it is cleaner then placing the gel face down but not as clean as printing on individual papers.

Use the extra paint on the gel plate by pressing gently onto the opposite page.

The edges won't be clean if there is too much paint...example here.

Use flower stencils similarly; here I used my 6"x6" Gelli Art gel plate.

Printing on the journal page isn't as effective as separate paper because it's difficult to fully smooth out air bubbles.

Continue to press the plate around the edges until all the paint is gone.

Use the leftover paint on the flower stencil to press more images on the page.