Correcting Art "Typos"

Spelling has never been a strength...ever. I have kept a "Bad Spellers Dictionary" next to my computer for years. Unfortunately, that doesn't translate to art which incorporates words. "Typos" are not so easily corrected. BUT they can, in fact, be corrected. In the example here I had misspelled "young" and included an "e" at the end of the word. I used the art piece as an illustration during preaching and had the image projected for the congregation to view. Afterwards my husband asked me what was up with the "English" spelling of "younge" with the "e" added to the end of the word. YIKES. Art typo! I thought, "How do I cover up micron pen on specialty paper?" I rubbed off the ink with an eraser and then duplicated the colors on the specialty paper with micron pens to simulate the look of the art paper. It's definitely not perfect, but it is a huge improvement from the major (art) typo!