Experimenting with Materials and Adding 'Middles'

I tend to spend too much time making generic backgrounds and not enough time going back and thoughtfully adding layers of reflections...until recently. Experimenting with new materials is a perfect opportunity to back through your working art journal and add bits and pieces here and there to journal pages which have previously (perhaps) been considered "done."
 When it is "time" to experiment with a new art supply I place the designated material on top of my art easel as my reminder that NOW it is time to use this supply that I probably purchased SEVERAL months earlier. When I'm to the point that it has been ridiculous that I haven't taken time to use the new media then it becomes time to experiment and to add bits of layers in previously "done" journal pages. It also is an excellent opportunity to revisit when I "am" in reflection on a particular event/entry. In the examples here I was playing with the Gelatos I had bought while visiting my son and his wife in Portland, OR in April (SEVEN months ago). I flipped through my journal and looked for little moments that I could add to using the Gelatos which are a water soluble waxy-type stick which can be applied directly to stamps, spritzed with water, and then pressed on journal page which is somewhat porous. If it is too wet and/or not porous enough then the imprint just makes a runny mess! When done with a light spritz of water and pressed on a porous page it creates a subtle mark and another layer of art.