Debriefing ZenDoodle

There is much to process in my mind and spirit after a packed 10-day combo academic/family gig including ideas to process for future implementation AND family drama to release/let go. ZenDoodle to the rescue: a contemplative artsy theology with (for me) no rules, no bindings, no restrictions. Here I'm experimenting with Gelly Roll "moon" pens (which have more fluidity than my beloved Soufflé pens) on 6x6" black paper. Mixing designs and layering colors while my mind reflects and proceeded the recent 10-day-stretch.

I started by using a lead pencil and putting a dot at each corner and then connecting the dots to create a parameter border. Then I doodled a "string" using the lead pencil which then provides the shapes to fill with layers of ZenDoodling.