Road Trip Travel Art Bag...Unpacked!

Overview of the stuffed back with the exterior pockets unloaded.

The guts unpacked.
A small stash of materials for stenciling and texturing.
Mini containers of acrylic, gesso, matt medium plus stackable watercolors.
In preparation for a road trip to California and back I have crammed a travel art bag with a diverse selection of art materials to use on the road. I bought this handy bag at Michael's, and its myriad of compartments is perfect for taking art on the road. (I expect to use a modified version of this for plane trips, but of course the liquids and sharp supplies need to be removed and packed to travel in the belly of the plane.) I include an empty accordion file folder and #10 envelope for collecting ephemera during the trip. The bag includes to plastic water jars, 3 types of watercolors, tin pencil containers with pencils, brushes, and pens. The kit also includes a small box of crayons, Gelatos, scissors, glue stick, letters for stamping, washi tape, kneadable eraser, pencil sharpener, exacto knives, and specialty art markers. I included a small pad of black card stock for Zentangle and generic doodling. I will also bring a small shoulder tote with a selection of art books for browsing and two or three working journals.