Rubbing Plates with Oil Pastels and Watercolors

We had an afternoon of experimenting with rubbing plates, oil pastels (or crayons) and watercolors. I had made what I thought would be a tool for mono printing. I used thick acrylic medium on a piece of corrugated cardboard and pressed it with various stencils to created a textured surface. Once it dried, I had expected to use it to create impressions on a Gelli Art printing plate. It did not work out well because the dried acrylic was no porous enough to create the deep impression needed for mono printing. An artist friend transformed my "failure" into a great success by using it as a rubbing plate. She peeled the paper off of a black oil pastel, placed a thin piece of watercolor paper over the plate and then rubbed the oil pastel on the paper to create the textured effect. What hadn't worked well for mono printing created a beautiful rubbing. The rubbings were then painted with watercolors. 
Rubbing plate on left; rubbed image on right.