Quien Soy? (Who am I?) Immigrant Art Examples of Completed Reflections

 Women and children inside a family detention center created these mixed media reflections on the theme: Who am I?
Art tools and supplies.

Instructions for continuing the work once the initial "dumping" has been done: Use your favorite colors that remind you of home to cover the page with watercolors. Chose 3-4 words that best describe your hopes and dreams and future and write these very bold across the middle of the page. Use the art supplies to tell the story of who you are. Choices include: a big choice of stencils in many different shapes and sizes, foam stamps in shapes and letters, rubbing plate to add texture, punch tools to cut out shapes from pretty paper to then glue on your page, and letters as stickers you can use to spell your name or where you are from. Put your name and today’s date on the front or on the back.
A woman read her story to friends before she added more art layers.