For Future Reference

An off-season mid-week side trip to Todos Santos in June turned out to be an excellent opportunity to stock up on reference photos...for future reference. While my mission team walked around the small town buying souvenirs on our day off during a recent mission trip to work in the barrios of Los Cabos, Mexico, I  floated around with my "snappie" (Canon PowerShot Elf that fits in my back pocket) and took a myriad of pictures which I could file away and use for future art projects and journal reflections. The "June gloom" which makes for "bad beach days" as the thick fog hoovers along the cost during the morning creates bright overcast light just inland-excellent for stock photos of virtually every angle. In addition, the off-season timing made the streets virtually deserted of tourists so it was easy to snap away and create "working souvenirs" for future art reference.

 A cubby set back into an exterior wall would have harsh areas of highlight and shadow if the sun had been shining. The bright overcast light provided virtually even illumination within the cubby and captured the bright and colorful designs of the pottery. The courtyard overview of a boutique hotel shows soft shadows as the fog had burned off but the sun was screened through soft clouds.