Mixing Acrylic and Photography

Exposed words "we are reminded not to give up" set the tone for this mixed media reflection.

Dollops of acrylic on a page covered with white gesso.
Paint spread with a Catalyst rubber "brush"

Scrapbook items glued down with artist matt medium while on a mission trip in Mexico and composite images added later Stateside: the dominant image of the church is 2/3 photograph (left side) and 1/3 acrylic (right) with the trees added in acrylic. The goal was to recreate the majesty of the historic church in Todos Santos with the three-dimensional beauty of the majestic trees that lined the front walkway. The park benches (far left) emphasize the overall feeling of quietude and serenity.

The mixed media exercise in blending photography with acrylic was, for me, an experience of empowering freedom in combining what I am familiar with (photography) with that which I am less comfortable (acrylic) for the sole purpose of expressing the feelings of a day of R&R in Todos Santos, Mexico.