Wax Relief is Empowering Art for Children

Wax relief can be the basis for a variety of simple art projects for children. We had the VBS kids make greeting cards to send to men and women serving overseas in the armed forces. First, the kids use crayon to decorate a piece of watercolor paper. They can use words and/or decorative art (far left). Then they paint a wash of watercolor over the top and the crayon creates a wax relief. After the front is dry, have the children write a letter and decorate the inside with rubber stamps or additional art.
The same concept works to illustrate a page in a book that the children created during summer VBS to illustrate the biblical theme they had learned. We read the story in 1 Kings 5:1-14 of the little servant girl and the proud general (Naaman) who had leprosy. The older kids used words (humble/pride) & the little ones used art (sword).

Wax relief creates beautiful instant art that makes the children feel very empowered and proud of their artistic ability. (Actually, the same empowerment happens for adults with this simple, yet lovely, art technique.)