Mission Team Reflection

 It is fun to mix simple art with reflection. Instead of straight-up note taking or straight-up jotting down ideas following a small group meeting, integrate the ideas discussed with simple line art and/or doodles that capture the essence of the meeting. This is a reflection following a team meeting during a recent mission trip to work in the barrios of Los Cabos, Mexico. The line art shapes represent the seating arrangement and the themes/questions raised by the various persons present. It was a quick reflection done on top of an already prepared background. I choose the exposed words which reflected the main idea behind the meeting as diverse people and ideas came together to learn from one another. Much of the conversation was about jewelry-making as cottage industry and empowerment for women in the barrios, so I decorated the page with assorted earring designs that we had made with the women during the mission trip.
Clip-art words cut from tourist magazines and glued on.
Previously prepared background with exposed words.