Sermon Reflection: Yes You Can

 I used an already prepared background as the basis for a simple collage reflection of the pastor's sermon when we were visiting Cabo Church during a recent mission trip to Mexico. I hadn't brought anything with me to take notes, but wanted to remember the main focus of the message as it related to my journey. Based upon the story of the Queen of Sheba who came to visit King Solomon, the pastor talked about people hearing things about us and having a particular impression of who/what we are about. He challenged us to consider whether or not what is being said about us reflects fact or fiction and/or our reality as we see it. I got to thinking about my view of my role as an organizing pastor of a new church and what/how I believe things are going over against the words/descriptions I hear other people use to describe the ministry, mission, and worship of my church-in-progress. I had limited art supplies with me on the trip which included a few photos, glue, and half a dozen colors of acrylic paints. I tore words out of the local tourist magazines, glued them down with artist medium, and enhanced the edges with acrylic. The left page reflects my sense of where the church is, and the right side reflects how I know the world-at-large sees this new church development. The reflection exercise was an encouraging reminder that God is doing wonderful and amazing things through the life of this community of faith. My/our role is to remain faithful to God's call. In other words: YES YOU CAN with God's help.

 The previously prepared background is cheesecloth glued on top of pages which had been painted with black gesso. Then I used acrylic paint and a fabric stamp for the floral background. Before I began the collage (above) I painted a light coat of acrylic over both pages to tone down the brightness of the flowers.