Sheetrock Paste and Corrogated Cardboard

 We used corrugated cardboard for the book cover for during summer VBS. Then each day the children created a page for the book using a different art technique to illustrate the day's teaching theme. Have the covers prepared ahead of time: spread sheetrock paste on the "front cover" of the book binding and use a sharp object to draw the lettering on the cover. "Great Expectations" was our theme, and here I experimented with the theme as the title or the name of the participants. (We opted for the theme as the title so all the sheetrock prep could be done ahead of time.) Allow to dry. Use fine sandpaper to sand some of the roughness on the cover. Then it is ready to decorate with watercolor paints (below) or pastels (left side of the top left photo). Use a light coating of matte or lustre spray to seal the cover.