Adding Zentangle to the Mixed Media Mix

Stamped image with Zentangle and pastel shading.
Zentangle is stylized doodling with the intention to foster mediation and relaxation through the redundancy and tedium of repetitive marks with a black micron/fine tip pen. It also is an interesting addition to mixed media art journaling; whether it takes over the page or whether it is added here and there. The key is to "tangle" away (AKA practice this stylized doodling) and see what works best for YOU!
 I am using my 3-1/2" x 5-1/2" pocket journal to experiment with mixed media and Zentangle. So far, my favorite materials include black OR colored micron pens with a stamped image and pastels OR graphite pencil for gentle shading.

Zentangle around stamped flower with yellow pastel for shading.

Colored micron pens with pastels for shading.

Black micron pen with graphite pencil in the middle to shade.

Colored micron pens zentangled around stamped butterfly image; yellow pastel for shading.