Evening Doodling with Zentangle

At the end of the day when the house is quiet there is an open opportunity to do just about anything, but in the quiet evening after a hectic day sometimes I just want to do...nothing! Silence and nothing. Since doing nothing is completely counter-intuitive for my high type A busy-busy-busy personality, sitting and doodling with Zentangle is about as close to doing nothing as I can get (doing watercolor washes for backgrounds in an art or sermon journal is a close second). I keep a small journal handy and a box of micron pens and zendoodle away. I'm finding that I like using colored pens on pages which have been previously painted with 2-3 colors of watercolor. I've also realized that I prefer curved or circular doodles over against anything more geometric in shape, mostly because the geometric shapes require more accuracy and that is just more work than I feel like doing after a long day. The curved and circular shapes are much more relaxing to create and to look at.