Art Room Inspiration for Art

Use repositionable mounting adhesive on the back.
On the 2nd coat I used a mop brush to add texture.
The book I've been using as the "recipient" of art journaling is an old favorite "A Room of Her Own" which is a beautiful picture book that shows the private personal space of (mostly well-known and successful) women. I read the book a decade or so ago when it was first published, and it was inspirational then for me to create a studio space for my portrait photography business on Cape Cod, MA that reflected the personal style of the! When I remembered the book I ordered a used copy on-line, and I've been doing my art journaling on its pages for about six months now. In the course of (re)reading the book I was (re)inspired to find a place for me to have a new room of my own in my life as a mixed media artist, author, and pastor in Texas. We have a 16'x20' shed that had been collecting clutter but otherwise sitting unused since we closed our portrait business nearly a decade ago. We unloaded it with multiple trips to Goodwill and then began cleaning, painting, and generally making a place for me to have a creative space. I fell in love with an over-sized sunflower stencil and opted to put sunflowers [the state flower from my home state (Kansas)] around the parameter of the art room over the pegboard. Each flower took two coats of acrylic paint, and I painted one portion of the wall at a time-about three hours to paint 5-6 flowers.

Of course I have a smaller version to use for journaling.