Graphite Paper Image Transfer

Prepared journal page: white gesso with pastels.
And easy way to "be" an artist is to use graphite paper to do an image transfer of a photograph onto your journal. The process will "trash" your picture so make sure you use a copy. The ideal image would be to make a digital file of your original by either scanning it OR take a closeup digital picture of the picture. Then size it to fit your journal page and push print on a cheap B&W inkjet printer. Voila! Ready to transfer. Follow the steps indicated in the cations of the sample shown here to create an image transfer with graphite paper.
Position graphite paper face down under picture.

Use graphite pencil on picture as guide for outlining and shading.

Remove the graphite paper to see transferred image.

Enhance with graphite pencil as desired.

Graphite paper image transfer that has been enhanced with additional shading.

Border details on right page: stamped images of "girl" things to represent his wife.

Border details on the left page: stamped images of "boy" things (bugs, trucks, etc.)

The completed journal page: Growing UP
The catalyst for this reflection piece was actually an old piece of art I found when cleaning out our back shed: a silhouette image of our son that was done when he was in pre-school 26 years ago. The framed size is 16x20. I didn't want to hang onto it, but I didn't want to throw it out either. So, I recycled the art by taking a digital photograph of it and then I printed it on my cheap inkjet printer to fit inside my journal. It sat there for quite awhile (several months) before "part two" emerged in my reflection process which became this piece.