De-Tangled Stress Relief with Zentangle

Summer VBS week is wonderful for the ministry, mission, hospitality, and community building but it also is super hectic; super busy; and super stressful. Zentangle doodling in the evening is an excellent way to unwind. There's no pressure to "get it done" or to make it look "good." Simply doodle away the stress a little bit at a time... I used my pocket journal that is 3-1/2" x 5-1/2" because the small size makes it a low commitment project. I did both of these tangles on pages that I had previously water-colored (another stress-reliever with no commitment to "just" watercolor backgrounds for no particular reason but to have on hand for future use). I used two colors of micron pens for each and slowly added bits of tangling over the course of 5-6 evenings. The ideas for the design are from the Zentangle untangled workbook by Kass Hall. I challenged myself on the floral design to fill every nook and cranny with tangles...when it looked "full" to add even more!