Encaustic Valentine

I am fascinated with encaustics (hot wax) and the myriad of creative uses for mixed media art. I decided to create an art journal dedicated to "just" encaustic experimentation, and this represents PAGE ONE. The sample page incorporates several encaustic mixed media "techniques" including simply learning how to lay down the wax and "fuse" (melt) it with the previous layer. I also cut into the layers of was (with a heart-shaped cookie cutter) to create the the "incised" lines of the hearts. The two tones (hearts/background) are from blending oils onto the wax and then coating with clear wax and again fusing to meld the media/color.
Cutting into 3 layers of wax to create "incised" shapes.

Adding oil to the incised markings.

Layering with clear wax/encaustic.

Using a heat gun to fuse/blend one layer of wax to another.