Plot Your Lifeline

One of my art journals is I Married Adventure by Luci Swindoll. She included a section of an article in The Executive Female Magazine (Jan/Feb 1988) which I left as "exposed words" to remind me to plot my own lifeline. I liked the concept of the exercise for reflection, but it wasn't until I was on an airplane en route to vacation that I finally paused and reflected on the ups and downs of my personal lifeline. It was an interesting exercise whereby you plot the key events in your life: the ups and downs; highs and lows. The vertical hash-mark on the right side of the page indicates "today" with the large type words ongoing/new goals for the future.

It was helpful to identify the goods and bads and to gain a visual perspective of one's personal journey. It also helps to name that which you still desire for the years before you. I used colored pencils on black gesso.