Product Testing & Recording Color Selection: Oil Pastels

I'm a mixed media artist because I haven't seen a medium that I didn't like; couldn't wait to get my hands on to experiment with. Unfortunately, of course I (impulsively) collect an eclectic mix of supplies that (sometimes) get stuck in drawers and go unused...for chunks of time. I also tend to forget which colors I have of which media, so it's easy to duplicate when I'm visiting a city which has a FABULOUS art supply store (Hobby Lobby is "it" in my city), or, worse, not buy anything at all for fear of duplicating an existing color. Problem solved: in my "Backgrounds Practice Journal" I've created pages which which compare brands and/or include a sample of each color choice within a particular type of media. For some, I did the sampling on white and black gesso; others only on white or the plain journal page.

High maintenance need to remove dry skin before each use.

Annoying need to cut off dry skin.

Very pretty super smooth application.

Slow to dry but great versatility in application.

Inexpensive and wide color selection; but SLOW to dry.

Inka maintained the most vibrancy on the black gess.

It's obvious why these are the least expensive as soon as you compare to the others.

Inka goes on like shoe polish with a rag; little bit messy but good for wide spread.

Four types of oil pastels on white gesso.

Sennelier scored points for variety of colors & ease of application.

Shiva scored points for drying faster than the other brands.