Unique Selling Proposition

When one of my journals was nearly full, with most of the pages filled with artful reflection, I paused to consider what I had learned in the process of filling up page after page of art & theology & reflective thinking. I wanted to condense whatever I had learned/experienced into (literally) a succinct headline. I used the exposed words Tomorrow...Destiny as the catalyst for thinking about what I had learned/experienced during nearly a year of artful reflection in this particular journal. I (thoughtfully) uncovered my "unique selling proposition" (to borrow a phrase from the sales/entrepreneurial world) is the unique combination of art with theology with deconstruction. The floral piece is pressed flowers from the vacation location where I was working on my journal. I pressed the flowers between two blank pages overnight then sandwiched them between two layers of art paper and coated thickly with acrylic medium. Once dry, I applied more medium to "glue" the flowers into my journal (a sneaky way to bring a pretty flower through customs). I used marker pens and stencil for the pink flowers and white gesso and stencil for the top layer.
Exposed words became the catalyst for the reflection.

Sandwich pressed flowers between two thin pieces of art/tissue paper.

Cut off excess paper around the flowers and glue onto page.