Thinking Theologically Using Three Spanish Verbs

Ver-Juzgar-Actuar are three Spanish verbs which are the essence of an easy-to-use method of learning how to think theologically which comes out of Central and South America. These words are a simple process to discern how/where God is present within a particular person/place/event/activity. I have a difficult time remembering these three simple words, so I created a journal page with BOLD TYPE stenciling dedicated to learning VER - JUZGAR - ACTUAR.
Stencil lettering with watercolor on watercolor & collage background.
Ver (see): Look for a specific experience in life; something you saw or experienced today. What image is in your mind’s eye? What does this image say to you? How does God seem to be speaking to you through this image? Think about a person you came into contact with today—what is memorable? How is God speaking to you through this person? What did you do today that brought you joy? Why? How? How was someone a blessing to you today? What did this person do? How did it make you feel? Juzgar (judge/discern)—discern how the event connects to scripture. Actuar (act)—draw some conclusions in three areas (1) What does this confirm about our lives? (2) What does this challenge about our lives? (3) What is God saying to us through this?