Mood Map

As I continue to experiment with various mixed media materials, I also am experimenting with methods and prompts to think reflectively. The background for the "Mood Map" is a grid made from artist masking tape on white gesso and then each block colored with Neocolor II Water Soluble crayons. After the 2-3 colors were laid down and blended with a clean, wet brush, I added the "mood words" that describe my current perspective The exercise is meant to raise awareness of the feelings you are experiencing and provide a visual barometer.
Begin by with white gesso on a journal page spread then use artist tape to mask off a random grid pattern. Color each block with water soluble crayons (or other media). Add a second or third layer. Experiment with combining colors and/or using different brushes/strokes. Allow to dry between colors, but go back with 2nd and 3rd colors to build up the color. During the painting process, think reflectively about your context: where you are; who you are; what your goals are, etc.
Adding a second layer of water soluble crayon.

Masking with tape keeps the edges sharp and creates a mini canvas.
 When you are satisfied with the painting, carefully pull up the tape. Use the blank spaces created on the grid to fill in your feels/mood. It can be a surprising exercise and very revealing to what you are experiencing. Date the page.
Artist tape pulls up clean & neat; masking tape isn't as predictable.

I used a list of feeling words to guide my reflection and ID my feelings.