Subtracting Text Provides Focal Point for Reflection

Subtracting text from the printed page of an altered book is a focal point for intentional, thoughtful reflection. I start from a random page-chosen for no particular reason-and then slowly read and re-read and look for words that jump out at me; marking through all the excess words. I don't go into the reading with anything special in mind to "think about," but remain open and fluid to what the words bring to my mind.
 Somewhere in the middle of the repeated readings a theme emerges in my thought process-connecting the readings with what is going on in my life. I string together a selection of the remaining words into the message that has been jumping off the page and into my spirit. In this example the background is sponge painted watercolor on white gesso. I used stencils and marker pens to letter the words on the right page, and I added a collage of colorful papers as a visual doodle.